Blender 2.65a :)

Well, i was talking about the displacement slot of the Material Output node. When you plug a texture into that slot, and turn on Experimental under feature set of the render settings, you can displace the geometry at render time using an image map. It will subdivide and dispalce the geomtry at render time.The problem with this method, is that it does not support UVs. But if theres another method to displace the geometry i would like to known, maybe you could point me to some tutorial. Thank you!

PS: I tried to use the Subdivision surface modifier,in conjunction with the displace modifier, but the results were weird. And plugging a texture node under the displace slot of the Material output, didnt produce any results. but im sure im doing something wrong here.

PS2: Also i forgrt to mention, that using the render time displace method (when in experimental mode) you can get even more fine details, if under object data, Displacement, method, use both.

Heres an image to show the result of this method:

Uploaded with

Blender 2.65 is no cosmetic update - it’s incredible again! Consider all the Smoke work that was done:

It’s a lot of the fried chicken branch, isn’t it? And there’s been a lot progress on several aspects. To get this release that early (a very nice surprise to me as I use the smoke simulator very often and bevel more and more and cycles bump maps, OpenShadingLanguage support and and and …) with respect to any of my gods isn’t that good news? (-:

And in the next release we get the bullet engine and DynTopo sculpting - Blender is like a huge rocket, it’s not easy to stop it. :slight_smile: Hope the time is enough to use the new features enough until bullet and DynTopo make its way …
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Excellent work to all involved in Blender!
jon ardaron


:smiley: i’d say… the knife tool :stuck_out_tongue:
did you just try to use it when modeling ?
try to use the ‘cut thru z’ on some selected faces ?
laugh at the green dot dance around the scene when pointing at a precise position ?
stare at the unexplained open cutting line ?
try to use the magic C key drawing a line on wich the knife will NEVER align ?
etc etc etc…

Frankly the knife seems a funny coder joke to me. And the 2 bad things is that:

  1. it’s a really usefull and missing tool.
  2. nobody seems to care about this lack.

IMHO the knife shouldn’t be anything else that wat it is on the good-ol’ 2.49b: a damn simple-fast-accurate-efficient tool

i wrote on a topic also talking about the useless crappy knife on this forum. Hopefully some people write usefull, efficient and simple
thing so that we cannot get rid of the knife. However, sometimes, when i have to use the subdiv tool, i dream of how this would
be nice to have a working knife instead…

OK i confess smoke is nice… but for people who need smoke.
It will be really great when blender handles break and cakes cooking… for bakers :wink:
This is what i call cosmetic, facing the must have things, like a really advanced and functionnal knife that can be used by any modeler.
I do no minimize the damn crazy work done by the dev team. I use to be stunned wile looking at the work they do in such few time. But i’m just wondering about the notion of priority, and as an ‘old fashion coder’ i also know it’s much more fun to code smoke physics and effects than dealing with recursive trees or binary groups or space sorting or other brain burning algorithms that can be used in a damn stupid not-sexy knife tool :wink:

regards and have nice blends :slight_smile:

Yes, i hope the knife will get some more love in future version, it has potential (especially when dissolving edges and faces then recutting them inside a face) but there are still some obvious problems with it (the C constraint is not always respected by the knife, not possible to contraint the knife to a specific axis or custom orientation the C only constraint on the view, some faces that for unknown reason are sometime cut and sometime not cut etc…).

Those are known problems fortunately as they’ve been reported and got into “todo”, so hopefully they’ll get solved one day.

Blender 2.65 RC1 now becoming available

Cool. Probably proper release next week then :slight_smile:

Great news about the motion blur support! Can we use vector blur in the compositor for deforming surfaces?

vector blur works as usual… EDIT(Hmm, doesn’t work with MB objects I need to test further…)[/edit]

probably not a good idea to use real blur and vector blur at the same time though… objects getting object blur would get blurred twice! Hmm, should probably test that though could be cool!

mixing multisample and vector blur in BI produced good results.

I can’t get the RC1 to run (on fedora 17) or the test builds. I haven’t tested running an older nVidia driver yet though.

rpm -qa | grep nvidia

Using KDE as my window manager, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Blender 2.64a runs fine though.


i’m curious, these builds are essentially just builds of trunk as it is at the moment, right? i hadn’t seen any updates about the smoke improvements being committed to trunk, so i wasn’t sure.

@pitibonom, there are no bugs in the tracker about the knife tool, if you want something fixed it would help to explain to devs whats wrong.

I messed about with it for 5min or so trying to break it after reading your post and found it works as I expected.

edit - if this is a TODO can you at least point to which one?

I don’t understand many of pitbonom’s complaints, but the dancing green dot I can confirm, particularly in orthographic views (and who ever models in perspective mode?), where knife doesn’t quite snap where you’re pointing. It’s been behaving that way from the very beginning in the first bmesh builds so everyone probably assumes it’s on someone’s todo list. This behavior often forces me to create vertices manually and use the vertex connect operator, for fear of creating double vertices in close proximity that cause problems later. (And remove doubles is no solution, as you risk merging your subsurf support loops by accident. Very time consuming to fix if it happens.)

While we’re on the subject of mesh editing, any chance for separate dissolve verts/edges/faces operators? In particular I often want to dissolve edges while in vertex mode. After release of course :slight_smile:

@MadMinstrel, I cant redo green dot jumping around in ortho view (feel free to report bug),
and yes - having ability to choose dissolve method irrespective of mode can be added after release.

about Green Dot jumping: for me it’s more like sometimes the Green Dot hardly appears on a Vertex, mean only veery small area active, on click then sometimes it misses it…
btw, would be nice beeing able to cut Edges that has no Faces…

Happy 2.65
(i will report the BUG i have later, where the complete Viewport (in Wire mode) gets messed up. toggle wire/solid solves it then. maybe it’s already solved?)

Hmm. How very vexing. I wanted to make a test file, but now I can’t reproduce it either. I know it does happen sometimes though. Oh well. I’ll just try to remember to make note of it the next time it happens over the course of work.

btw, would be nice beeing able to cut Edges that has no Faces…

Yes i agree as i recently faced the situation, having the knife able to cut edges that have no face would have made what i was doing faster to do.

Actually, the Knife tool in 2.61.4 was able to do exactly that, cut through Edges without Faces, so technically this could be looked at as a Bug or at least a regression :wink: I’m very tempted of reporting it as a Bug…

well, i just did. Bug tracker

fixed green-dancing-dot r52749.

edit, @bashi - support for wire edges (while we should add support back), isn’t exactly a bugfix.
we’re quite close to release now, if there are other knife tool bugs, please report them and we’ll try fix before release.

/me is speechless. How did you discover it? You’re my hero! :smiley: