blender 2.66 official release lot of crashes win 7 x64

I installed the new blender 2.66 release yesterday and i´m having a lot of crashes working with. When I work in dynatopo I keep getting random crashes, usually when i´m about 100k tris. Blender also crashes when i use the skin modifier. I hadnt any crash of this kind with blender 2.6x before.

I have a phenom II 955, ati radeon 5850, 8 GB ram, win 7 64 bits.

I heard somewhere (i cant remember where) there was some issues with ati drivers and that update the drivers could help. I did so and no improvements whatsoever. Any help?


well, i ´ve just downloaded the r54951 form the svn and no crashes so far. I guess it was some bug from the release version

This is a known bug. You can see the bug report.