Blender 2.66 Segfault

Just downloaded 2.66, opened DEEP Space (my game project), and hit P.
Crash after a few seconds

Opened my turret AI programming blend (that I’m currently working on). Hit P.
Crash after a few seconds

Create a new blend, hit P

Right, so something in my projects are breaking it.
None of the objects by themselves are to be the cause
So that leaves scripts.

After over an hour of tracing the problem, I found it to be the following line:

hitObject = source.rayCastTo(target, 100)

Where source is a game object, and target is a location vector.
When target is a game object rather than the vector, it does not crash. But when it is a vector it crashes some of the time.

However, when I dump this into an empty blend file, there isn’t a problem.

I’ll keep hunting for the actual problem, but just wanted to ask if anyone else had found a similar bug?

See the bug about triangle mesh

Huh, you’re right. Ray-casting a triangle mesh crashes it!

You seem to know about it, but I couldn’t find it in the tracker. It’s probably just me though. Here’s hoping for a fix soon.

(Got to wait half an hour before the next 32bit linux build… I am so impatient.)