Blender 2.66: Standalone Animations Don't Run At All


I don’t know what the ---- I’m doing wrong. My animations don’t run at ALL in the standalone player. It used to be that they would run very choppy-like, but recently, they refuse to even start.

Is it my computer, or is it some setting I have to change/way I set up my animations?

(I set up my animations by inserting keys and adjusting them in the Action Editor under the Dopesheet. Should I not be doing this?)

Blend attached. Press Space to execute the long cube’s animation in-game. Run it in the standalone to see what’s going on… I may be the only one who’s having this problem, so it very well may be my machine…


AnimationTest.blend (472 KB)

works fine on mine in standalone or embedded. -win32

Tested in 2.67b, no problems observed! Smooth animation in both standalone and embedded player. Try to update your gpu driver if not already done so. Or possibly a hardware problem.

Alright, thank you so much for testing. The animations still run smoothly for me in the embedded player, so I can still make games and test them out there. And since it’s clearly a clientside issue in regards to the standalone player, I can still release my games. Thanks for the feedback.