Blender 2.66 Test Build 1

Hello, I just noticed that Blender 2.66 test build is up now to download, and from blender foundation:

“Everyone’s focused on fixing features and bugs! Get a test build here and help us out checking if things are all OK.”

here is the link:


by the way, with each release blender is becoming the new “pixologic” in my opinion because I get pretty excited about the new features that comes rather if it’s blender or Zbrush, of course I’m aware that features is not everything but…hey! they are exciting! :smiley:

great! I cant wait for 2.67!!!


Cheers, mib.

Lot of bugreports opened up lately. This release will surely be delayed til at least mid february.

LOL, you crack me up sometimes endi.

Just noticed edge based UV stitching, :smiley: - it rocks

I’m really under a great impression of this version, I finally feel like we have something more or less finished, solid. Modelling tools has never been better, Cycles with material preview is amazing, dyntopo opens so many possibilities and lets not forget about UV features and rigid bodies directly in 3d View. Amazing work! My congratulations to all the developrs and community! Well done!

Hehe, Blender will never be finished, there is always going to be an overhaul that needs to be done and a feature that’s yet to be added. :wink:

Maybe you mean Blender getting into a fully ‘mature’ state, but the only way Blender becomes finished software is if by some freak occurrence the entire project gets abandoned. (and we don’t want that to happen).

Yes, mature is the right word. Anyways awesome progress, Blender now has everything I need. Additional features will be like cherries on a cake.

Anything for the game engine? And why did I not learn of this when I went to I’m still using 2.65a, well until I get home with this.

I didn’t test it much.
But, all these last few weeks, I test a build every 1-2 days. The last awesome one (I already use) is actually newer than this from the link above.
Mature is the right word, I agree.
My congratulations to all.

I won’t consider it mature until we have particle nodes. The particle system we have now is quite robust but still limited in many many ways. There are obviously other things, such as Volumetric Rendering and Sub-Surface Scattering, among others, that would be useful, but they aren’t related related to workflow as much as particle nodes will be.

edit: by “it” I mean the 2.6x (possibly 2.7) Blender line. There will always be room for improvement. We can’t forget that 2.49 was one very well built system for its time. Perhaps 2.69 / 2.7 will be seen as Blender 2.49 was in the future.

Has anyone noticed that in the official test release the zoom is very jumpy in each view, both 2d and 3d?

All builds made ​​by me, even more recent than the test builds are very fluid. (OS X)


sourvinos: I’m not noticing it being any more jumpy than 2.65a.

I’m really glad to finally have a dynatopo build for Linux3. Pity cycles seems to crash, though every time I’ve seen this before they’ve fixed in by the actual release, so I’m very hopeful.

I am on OS X, and weirdly, only the official release is jumpy, while all my (scons) builds, previous or subsequent, are flawless.

thank you anyway, paolo

Lancer, don’t hope: report :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think the game engine is even on their radar any more…unfortunately, though I can understand why. I want to see more real time rendering within the view port and a huge performance boost before any of that.

It could be considered as a really robust blender if…
If some one could put his fingers on the multi-res modifier…
It is reported… eh… to you. LOL
Despite joking, a very good blender, i’m on OSX and choppy zooming is something I noticed on some builds recently.
Now testing and working on a r54370 (bashi-graphicall) and zooming is fine. Probably fixed.

In my case, as stated above, only the official testbuild has the problem of jumpy zooming, even in the new default scene, all my scons builds work fine.
So I don’t think it has been fixed, nor it has to be fixed, not in sources at least.


Initially, I searched the bugtracker and came across another which looked to be the same bug, but then I figured that one should have been fixed by now so I have already reported it (just after my prior post here).

I suppose you didn’t read the announcement on the front page of the site