Blender 2.67 Render Textures

Hello together,
how you can see, I am new here and I am from Germany, so I want to apologize my english.

I use Blender 2.67 to make modells. I am modelling for 9month. Yesterday I showed a rendering to a friend and he wanted me to render his textured model. And here is the porblem: If I start render, I can just see the mesh, but not the texture. So is it possible to see the texture in a rendering? And how can I see it?

Thanks for your Answers

Ensure the texture is added to the material and in the texture settings the mapping and influence is correct

Supplying a link to a blend file with your textures will help to let you know of any errors made with your materials

The texture should be mapped to the objects UV coordinates so it puts the right part of the texture on the correct faces

Thanks, it worked :slight_smile: