blender 2.68 not rendering

I want to just render with the blender internal render, not cycles, everything shows up on blender cycles render, but when I try and render from the blender internal render, nothing. Lights are on, camera on, everything on the same layer. What the heck am i missing. The objects not showing up are all UV textured. Does this have something to do with it?

I liked the old versions. Im forceing myself to learn this. Im not beating my self up about this. Here is the file. Also, why cant I see the textures while in blender render mode. (are there any)? Why can I see them in cycles render?


mirror 9.blend (882 KB)

Post a link to your blend file.

Check object renderability is enabled in outliner
Check in the Object settings that you haven’t change the Duplication option to something other than the default ‘None’
Check your render layers are correct
Check you have nothing in the Video editor or compositor that will affect the render. Either remove to disable the option in the Render / Post Processing panel
Check your materials, are they correct
Check the camera clip distance in the camera settings. Does your model fall withing the clip start/end range

I posted a link to my file, but realized I did’nt pack it. Now it wont let me pack it. Let me correct myself and repost this correctly. And get some brain food.

You are still using the cycles materials. These are not compatible with the blender render engine. Disable the node material option for each material and set them up properly

Your layers are wrong. You have set the scene to render layer 6 but you’ve only enabled layer 1

Thanks Richard. I’m still stuck on 2.48. I am doing my best to switch. Thanks for your help. In early versions this wasnt a problem. I have a monkey brain sometimes. (monkey brains are not easy with 2.840773)