Blender 2.68 - plane should emit light

Hi there.

This is probably one of the silliest questions around here, but I cannot figure out how to get a plane to emit light…
I’m going nuts. I have searched the web for quite a while and all the stuff I used to know as it’s for example done in this video:

Is not working.
I also searched this forum, but it’s probably a too easy question that I ain’t asked before…

I can make a material and under ‘Shading’ I can increase the ‘emit’ value, but that does not light up other objects in the scene.

What I’m a missing here?

Please help me out before I go totally crazy…

Thanks a lot


Cycles - Give you plane an emission shader

Blender render - In its material settings increase the emit value. In the World settings then enable Indirect Lighting and ensure the Gather is set to Approximate

Ahh thanks a lot. I just did not know that Cycles exists. Now it’s really easy. cool thing!