Blender 2.69.0 - Alternate script path doesn't work in User Preferences/Addons

Hello, I use to regularly checkout (with TortoiseSVN) the addons_contrib directory of scripts on into a local folder in C:\BlenderSVN\scripts\addons_contrib (with read/write access rights on all subfolders and files set) and having this path in the Blender User Preferences/File/Script field I am able to access these script within Blender. I found this method a very convenient way to keep these scripts updated.

I have just installed (temporarily, because my laptop with Windows 7 Pro 64bit is at the repair shop) Blender 2.69.0 stable r60995 under a dedicated folder (I never “install” Blender but instead use the zipped version) on a Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit PC with administrator rights, and I noticed that despite the “system-info.txt” file correctly lists the above directory under “Directories:” and then “scripts:”, “user scripts:” and “pref scripts:” none of the scripts in the C:\BlenderSVN\scripts\addons_contrib directory are displayed within the User Preferences/Addons both Community or Testing.

Does anybody have this same problem? Am I doing something wrong or do I miss something? On my laptop this method worked well with the Blender 2.68 stable version before … it broke. I wish to know it before I submit this issue in the bugtracker. Thank you.

P.S.: Sorry guys and gals, I’ve just realized that the correct path to put in the Scripts field has to be “C:\BlenderSVN\scripts” to let it work. RESOLVED