Blender 2.69/64 on Win7/64 game engine save as runtime error

I just download 'n installed Blender 2.69 for Win 64 for my system with Win7/64. Then I try to make a simple game just to test the engine. But when I export it using Save As Game Engine Runtime, I get this error report.

Can anyone help me?

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Here You can find temporal solution:

Haloooo… anybody there?
Please help me… pleaseeeeeee… its so urgently needed…

Thank You very very muuch…!!! ^^
Its work!!! Even I use 64 bit version, its still work!!!
Thank’s for Your help!!!


Hello, I’m having the same problem with blender 2.69. What do you do exactly?

I just follow the link given above ( ), download the py script then replace the old one with the new one, and its work!!