Blender 2.69 Export fbx/ using blender files in Unity 4.2.2

(GirlRacer64) #1

Hi all,

I have encountered a problem in trying to get my models from Blender 2.69 into Unity.

In the past (2.68) All i needed to do was drag the .fbx or .blend file into unity and all was well.

However, today when using 2.69, i did the usual of trying to import my model as an asset into unity, and i cannot get the model to appear.

Wondering if it might be a problem with the mesh i decided to do the exact same process with the same model but using 2.68 instead of 2.69, and the model imported fine and straight away. :confused:

(Would like to use 2.69, but because of my job it has to be compatible with unity and i might have to use 2.68 until i find the cure for this problem.)

Any ideas guys??

Thanks so much in advance

(electricsauce) #2

2.69 works fine for me. Might be something wrong with the project file. Try doing an fbx - unity with the standard cube and see what happens.

(GirlRacer64) #3

i couldnt get it to work with any file i have, both fbx and blend file. However using 2.68 to export exact same mesh it works

(Sga_b) #4

I noticed that import into Unity only works if the model is saved in object mode. Id doesn’t work if you save it in edit mode. This only started happening since 2.69.

(Rabbitz) #5
  1. Go to your windows explorer
  2. Right click on a .blend file and choose “open with” (maybe shit + right click)
  3. Choose the blender.exe of your 2.69 Blender

(sinned angel) #6

Hi, I got the the problem and I think I have figured out the problem, in my case at least. But I just want to share just in case if anyone has the same problem with me.
Apparently the problem occurred if I switch the input preset to other than blender (maya/max). Because when I tested switching back to 2.68, it works. But when I switch the preset to maya, the problem reoccured. So I tried to switch the 2.69 preset back to blender, everything works fine again.

(FrankieH) #7

I have this problem too, Sga_bs solution works for me but now I can’t rely on unity to beable to correctly load my projects old blend files when it has to, at some point re-import assets (such as update to new version). Any more ideas or I will have to go back to 2.68?