Blender 2.69 Mesh Bisect


Has anyone used the Mesh Bisect feature in 2.69? I’ve been trying to figure it out without any luck. I’ve found the tool but have no clue how it works.

Works in Edit Mode only. Select all the vertices in the object and click Bisect.

I know this post is almost a month old but it was one of the first results to pop up when I did a google search so I’ll go ahead and clear something up for anyone else who comes across this.

Unlike just about every other interactive tool (inset, extrude, loc/rot/scale, etc.) there is no feedback. No instructions at the bottom, no data, nothing. If you’re paying close enough attention you’ll notice that the cursor changes from an arrow to a cross in the tool panel, but since that’s how the cursor appears in the 3D view in edit mode it’s easy to miss.

I exited out of Blender three times because when hitting the bisect button nothing happened and I couldn’t move the view, so I assumed the program locked up. When pressing the button you click and drag on the model to determine the location and orientation of the cut.

you also have to look into the tool panel
there are several options available!

but don’t forget this will modify you mesh
so better make a copy first if you need the original model

happy bl

Bisect is a good tool! It will be perfect with snap and rotation by numeric angle :wink: