Blender 2.69 RC1 bug or not?

So I am working now in 2.69 RC1 and so far I didn’t have any issues. However today I needed to paint weights on my model. It used to be, in 2.67 at least, that you select mesh, enter Weight Paint mode, right click on a bone (assuming Armature was in Pose mode prior to that) and paint weights for that bone. It doesn’t work in 2.69.

So the question is if I need to turn some option on or if it’s a bug. Here is a video showing the issue:

If it’s a bug, please let me know asap so I could file bug report. Thanks.

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Perhaps it would be good to just go ahead and file the report. Worst case, someone in the know tells you it’s not a bug.

Ok, thanks, will do.

Or try 2.69 RC2

Already reported, but will try RC2, thanks.

Works in RC2.