Blender 2.69 RotoBezier

I am watching Christopher Barrett’s tutorial on rotoscoping in Blender and the RotoBezier panel which opens on the left around 16:27 in part 1 does not open up in my window. How do I get to the RotoBezier panel like in the video?

Link to the tutorial? I cannot guess which video you are talking about…

The rotobezier addon was used for creating masks before the built in masking tools were introduced into blender so the addon is now redundant. If you want to use it use the same blender version as that used in the tutorial
If you want to use curve animation use the AnimAll addon

Okay, thanks. It’s been so long since I’ve used Blender…

Hi everybody,

i was just trying to figure out how to properly animate masks, in the graph editor, but it seems that the new mask system relies only on the dope sheet.

Is there a way to use the graph editor to adjust the timing? (that’s useful for repeating moves, eg. bouncing ball, where the speed of the mask between keyframes is not linear). Or maybe a way to accurately adjust the speed in the dope sheet editor?

If not, is there a possibility to re-release this addon? can’t find online to try it right now(probably i 'd need an older version too).

Hope i make sense
Sorry for opening an old thread(1,1/2 month old) but seemmed relevant to my problem.