Blender 2.69: where is the IPO actuator ?

I have a IPOs driven animation built in Blender and I would like to play it through the Blender Game Engine (the idea is to controll it in such a way that I could play it forward, backward, step by step using keyboard keys).
I have found some tutorials that show an IPO actuator but in version 2.49.
Is this feature still there but hidden ?
If no, is there way to achieve what I’m looking for ?
Thanks in advance for help.

Use the Action acuator

It seems to me like if you could achieve that using action actuator.

Save the animations or shape keys deformations in diferent actions and in BGE use keyboard or mouse events to control what frame show.

I think you need use a bit of python. I never did something like that, it is only the first thought I made about it.

Thanks but I’m must be dumb…
Just for the test:
I take the default scene with the cube, define a first IPO <I>, grab the cube a little bit, define a second IPO.
Go to the Game Logic, define a keyboard sensor (Space key), a controller and the default Action actuator (Play), link everything.
I hit <P> and then <space>, but nothing moves…

ok, it’s working
I forgot to enter the actionID in the correct field.
Thanks for help

Ipo were removed in 2.5, and merged with the action actuator

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