Blender 2.6x development thread

Note: Please post at least one item of news, preferably with links per post. Doing so makes it OK to have general discussions going on, as long as each post has something relevant to the thread title.

Thought I’d start the development thread for 2.6x series.

Mailing list for development news;

Cycles section;

Vfx section;

Blender Nation;

Blender coding blog;

The latest coding chat can also be found on #blendercoders IRC channel.

For general live dicusions about Blender visit the #blenderchat channel.

News and snippets of information can also be found on Ton Roosendal’s, and #b3d twitter feeds.

I have no news at the moment on 2.6x, I would imagine no one apart from Ton and the key developers do as 2.59 has just been released, but in time it will come, and I think the above links are going to be very good sources of information.

So ladies and gentleman keep your eyes and ears open, and when you do hear news about the 2.6x development, please post in this thread. Links to sources would be good.

I wanted to start this thread first, but you’ve done a much better job than I would have :slight_smile:

This will be an interesting 6 months

I agree, I actually sighed aloud when I saw the thread, but it is very well represented and seems useful…I will be tuning in.

well cycles site is not working !

anynone has an idea if cycles wil be included in 2.6 or later on only?

any officiel list of new features to be added in 2.6 ?

happy 2.6

Cycles site comes up for me…
on a side, but important, note.
why has this thread been moved…while the other thread was just fine where it was??? I would assume this would fall under “news and discussion” not to mention it’s a bit contradictory to move this and not the 2.5 development thread??? so I am curious why?

According to Brecht (2011-06-19):

Speed improvements are not the primary concern at the moment, development is more focused on integration and user interface. There’s isn’t really a fixed schedule, but this is what I have in mind:

within 6 months: initial version in a blender release, focus on integration, user interface, stability
within 1 year: speed improvements and most important features working, ‘production ready’
within 2 years: roughly support all features on todo in the wiki

That may seem long, but I’m trying to be realistic, I’m only able to spend about 2 days a week on this. As far as speeding up the development goes, I’m not sure what to suggest, we’d need to get more developers involved somehow, lack of feedback is not an issue.


i’m inpressed with the Speed at which he is getting this new render engine to work with only 2 days a week!

so basically before end of year we should have this new render engine included with 2.6

hope we also get the other major tools like New Nurbs tools and B mesh Unlimited clay modelling
that would be already be some major improvements for Blender overall

happy 2.6

I’m not sure why this was moved either, I would think it’s related to Blender news, but we’ll see how the thread goes.

I’ll try and post every Sunday meeting minutes from this Sunday onwards, or if I don’t then it would be cool if other people could. I found in the 2.5x thread that they weren’t always posted every Sunday.

This weeks

Hi all,

Here’s a short summary of what was discussed on today’s meeting:

  1. 2.59 release, plans for 2.60
  • Note: tracker up to 206 open reports! No real showstopper reports in
  • Long discussion on how to manage a ‘freeze’ after release. Some like
    to have crucial fixes ported over to the the release-branch, some
    prefer a period (week) of commit-only-fixes. Debate can continue over
    the week.
  • Agreed is that the short freeze period around release should also
    get a formal “unfreeze” notification on this list.
  • Branches mentioned that could get included for next release:
    • Joshua Leung’s work on animation system
    • Benjamin Cook’s work on motion capture input
    • Joerg Mueller’s audio/speaker work
      Will get further reviewed or decided next week.
  1. Other projects
  • Note: buildbot now does Win x64 builds too.
  • BMesh progress; Campbell is ready to work on it, will work on a
    planning for it. We have to define when it’s ready for trunk (i.e. how
    much can temporarily not work yet).
  1. Google Summer of Code
  • “Pencils down” soon, we’ll update students with requirements as soon
    Google tells more details



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Author: dingto
Date: Sat Aug 13 13:45:03 2011 UTC
Log Message:

2.6 Release Cycle begin:

Idea is to set it to alpha for the first 3 weeks (B-Con1)
Beta for B-Con 2 and 3
RC for B-Con 4
Release for B-Con 5

Edit: I tried to start one without knowing there are one, so it seems it got merged!!?

cycle + bmesh + bsurface will enough to make a 2.6

Quoted for truth

Well, mostly because these threads never, ever stay on topic so calling them ‘news’ is a very large stretch.

And, presumably, people will want to ‘discuss’ these development updates.

I think this is a great thread. News related definitely… oh well the mods had their hands full with the last 2.5 thread. Suppose it makes sense.

Just on the 2.6 topic, has there been any other officially ok’d branches announced for merging into 2.6? In the siggraph interview with 3dtotal Ton mentioned the raytracing branch will get merged, but if Cycles is also to be merged isn’t this a bit of double work? just wondering.

Tracker UI has been redesigned, image from Sebastian Konig;

Code should be in branch now.

for cycle was there any mention of adding IEEE lamps which exist in Luxrender and Yafaray
that would be a cool new feature for blender and about time to give more flexibility for lamps!

happy 2.6!

Branches mentioned that could get included for next release:
Joshua Leung’s work on animation system
Benjamin Cook’s work on motion capture input
Joerg Mueller’s audio/speaker work

Cool, but as we know, averybody wait for sculpt, uv etc branch, eheheh

I think dynamic paint would be a good candidate as well, it’s a pretty interesting feature.

The boss’s take on the release cycle:

a part of me says nooo so long before new stuf gets in.
another parts says yes, good. start using blender for production new stuf get in possible even bug tracked a bit before and somewhat stable :slight_smile:

in the beginning 2.5 was sooo unstable 2.5.1 , 2.5.2

it must be hard to commit anythin in now that makes blender crash as much as it did back then!

but Ton knows probably best, and even if we get fewer goodies in svn trunk, we get working ones.

Having a stable and dev branch would be good.

Stable for long term productions, development branch for tests, R&D etcetera.

Having a stable build that gets regular bug fixes would be ideal, features could be merged in every second release, allowing enough time for the long term version to have been thoroughly field tested and debugged before new code, and bugs are introduced.

off topic a bit but didn’t know where to post it and this thread seems to be the closest tied to the info:

Wow, @BlenderCookie is first Platinum member of Blender Development Fund! Thanks :slight_smile: #b3d (83 members now, EUR 950 monthly)

It is great to see so many people behind the BF’s new effort to get projects funded, to support devs, and to ensure quality features. KNow if we could get more involved that would be even better.