Blender 2.7 RC2 is out...

Here is it the new RC2 for blender 2.7 test it and report bugs (if any :))

Rendering on GPU doesn’t work, at least not on GTX 660. (Reported it)

I get the same error, dudal GTX 670s.

I added a comment to the bug thread, also added a screenshot just to prove it :wink:

I get the same error with a gtx 780, real render and renderered preview show the same error message, I’m happy im not the only one getting it!
submitted the bug.

small question is sss on gpu in the 2.70 release?

there is a really annoying bug when orbiting in orthographic mode to side/front view - when you orbit out of them blender always switches back to perspective view mode.

Hi, maybe the “Auto perspective” option is checked

After uploading an image into UV/image editor window this desaper without any apparenting reason after few minutes.
This happened when have multiple window and uv/image editor in one of this.
A bug?

Will be good have the LOD system in the render engines to create complex scenes and use LODs easily. With the option to show the LOD only in the viewport.

Thank you for sharing this with me.
It threw me off as it is changing the default behavior. Why would people have it on by default?
This is a new default is it?
It seems like a monkey wrench being thrown in a workflow. I rather switch to perspective mode myself.

I agree. I didn’t realize this was a new option. Maybe the easiest way to let people know about new features is to enable them by default.

well my reaction was quite negative. I thought it was a bug and decided not to use 2.7 until it is fixed. had to post at the bug tracker and this forum in order to find out about it.

When I did, I disabled it immediately and things went back to normal. :slight_smile:
Again, I see absolutely no merit in it. Just an annoyance

2.69 had this “feature” and was in fact a bug (at the bug tracker) that was fixed. Now it is a featured optional bug? Maybe it is useful to some. Just confusing when you dont know about it and it’s turned on by default.

This is quite an old option, going back at the very least to 2.4. Some users like to have all axial views be ortho while nonaxial views are perspective. Did you correctly import your previous settings when opening 2.7 the first time? If you didn’t and would like to, post back and someone will tell you how, this comes up every time there’s a version change.

It was never a bug, and I recall seeing it in many 3D modeling applications. In fact some only offer ortho projection for axial views.

If we got rid of everything that at least one person found no merit in, Blender would fit on a floppy.

I thought they were going to get rid of the toolbar under the tabs panel. It makes it so you still have to scroll.

I have a question regarding the NLA editor.

In 2.69 it shows actions of armatures on hidden layers. This is good because once I’m working with the action I don’t want to see the armature. In 2.7 the NLA editor only shows the action, if the layer with the armature and the armature itself is visible. That’s not good, because I have to bring up every armature to work with the action strips. That clutters my viewport. Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Rendering on GPU with Normal Path Tracing works (for me on my GTX 650 ) in totays build (

But the Branched Path Tracing is still disabled.