Blender 2.7 Tutorial Series - free 1080p video series for beginners and up.

Hi All! My name is Colin. I’m a high school teacher, and for about 8 years I’ve been teaching creative technology summer camps with kids 8 and up. About 6 or 7 years ago I started teaching kids 11 years old and up Blender 2.48, and now I integrate Blender 3D modelling and animation into a high school digital media class I teach.

For the last few years I’ve been teaching Blender on youtube. Despite the low quality (especially the audio!) of my earliest videos, I got a lot of positive feedback from people out on the interwebs wanting to learn Blender from scratch.

A couple of weeks ago I started a Video Tutorial Series on Blender 2.7. It’s in 1080p, has good audio, and it starts for the complete beginner and will work up from there. I’ll be covering everything from the User Interface, Preferences, the basics of edit mode and box modelling, individual modelling tools, lighting and texturing using the Cycles Render Engine, and the list goes on.

If this sounds of interest to you, please check out the following youtube playlist:

-cgboorman (BornCG)

Thanks for the upload.

The Blender 2.7 Tutorial Series is now up to Tutorial #9. I’ve planned out about 3 videos per week until the end of September, but that’s just what’s planned right now. :slight_smile:

Video on adding materials and using nodes in Cycles for beginners is up!

Good stuff!

Just out of curiosity, since you mentioned it, do you have a portfolio of some of the work you’ve done for your classes?

I’ll look at the video later when I have time, but liked the intro!

I have posted a couple of renders of characters my grade 11/12 students have made in class on my Google+ page. =)

Just a quick recap of this week’s posted video tutorials. Normally I will be posting Tues/Wed/Thurs, but this week I posted a bonus Friday tutorial #13 on UV Mapping in Cycles. =)

Here’s my Blender 2.7 tutorial playlist:

Thank you so much for sharing these here. :slight_smile:

Thanks to those of you who have checked out my tutorials on Blender 2.7 and Cycles so far!

Since I last posted I’ve been busy and have recorded/posted 14 more tutorials (#14-27). As I hope you can tell my goal is to make the Internet’s best source for beginners to moderate users to learn Blender for modeling & animation.

My Blender 2.7 tutorial playlist is here:

An excellent series. I’m getting back into Blender after a year away. Collin has provided reminders of what I knew previously, and introduce me to other tools and their uses.

These tutorials are really useful, it’s good for beginners to have a new series that doesn’t take past (pre-2.7) knowledge of Blender for granted and starts from the basics with short, to the point videos on specific (and modern/updated ones, such as cycles, ngons and correlated tools, etc) program features. I would have enhanced these with some sort of mouse/key screencast for added clarity, however.

By the way: the playlist is backwards; when one video finishes up, the previous one gets played instead of the next one.

I haven’t stopped!

For those who haven’t checked out my Blender 2.7 tutorials yet, I’ve been teaching young people (age 11 and up) how to use Blender for over 6 years. Last summer I started this Blender 2.7 tutorial series. In the last few weeks I’ve posted tutorials #28-33 on topics including: The Remesh Modifier, Blender 2.72’s new Pie menus, the Array Modifier, the Bevel modifier, Proportional Editing, and how to make sharp edges on smooth objects. My tutorials are aimed at everyone who’s interested in learning Blender, including complete beginners.

Please check out my Blender 2.7 tutorial playlist here:

Just for fun I posted a timelapse of a series of tutorials I made for my Digital Media 11/12 class (I’m a high school teacher in Canada) on how to model a simple version of young Mike Wazowski from Monster’s University using Blender 2.7.

Link to video:

Hey Colin, I’ve known about Blender for about a year now, but, The computer that I originally installed blender on died so I hadn’t reinstalled it until about a month ago… I installed the 2.72 version. But, in the past year I would follow tutorials but,because I didnt reinstall it till recently Watching was more entertainment and learning the things people create and some of it is totally wild. I want to say that I have subscribed to you on youtube and let me tell you…You and your style makes it rather easy to pick up and understand a software that could be very intimidating. So in the last month watching your videos along with a few other people I feel like I have learned a lot and while watching the videos. I have sat with Blender open and a notebook so I can try and follow different steps to learn either keys or just the location of menus and stuff…Only did a snowman but, not really trying to make things since I feel I need to learn a little more with the interface…ok a lot lol…theres just so much to learn but, when you don’t know things…you don’t know what you missing out on so every tutorial… theres a little something I pick up. Keep the stuff coming… Its great! Would love to see some of your more advanced work.

Thank you, it will be useful

thanks for your share very helpfull

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these tutorials. They have been extremely helpful for me. Keep doing what you do :slight_smile:

I really need a neat tutorial since I’ve been designing for 2 days only and my wireframe is horrible haha

Thanks for your tutorial, I have precisely registered . But I have subscribed your Channel for few weeks a go.
I hope you still get a lot of them. :yes::yes::yes: