Blender 2.7 Vehicle Constraint "Shaking" Problem

I just made a simple driving prototype. I noticed that whenever I set the stiffness of the car’s suspension, the car slightly shakes, and the edges of the track that the car is on appears blurry. Is this a bug in the game engine? I tried setting a higher stiffness, which seems to reduce the shaking but does not eliminate it completely. I also tried setting the suspension compression and adjusted the suspension damping, and the shaking still occurs.

I’m not too good with the vehicle wrapper, so if it’s a problem with that I don’t think I can help much. HOWEVER: I’ve noticed some odd glitches with large-scale meshes and their physics bounds. If the track is one large object, try splitting it up into much smaller segments; this has worked for me when I had similar problems.

It’s hard to say what could be the problem exactly. There was a bug with the Vehicle wrapper in 2.69 - 2.70 but this was fixed two months ago. If I had to guess I think you are using Triangle Mesh as Collision Bounds, because in many cases this causes problems as it is unstable. Always helpful to post an example blend illustrating the problem.

Raco, it may well be my use of the triangle mesh collision bounds on the track, as well on the wheels. Here’s the blend file:
(W, S to accelerate and reverse respectively. Use the mouse to steer.)
Racing Game Prototype.blend (713 KB)

Thanks. The problem is at least minimized to a degree, and I have done most of what you suggested Raco.