Blender 2.70 Cycles

What will blender 2.70 bring to cycles?

Roadmap maybe ?

Hopefully a long overdue shadow catcher

Yes, I have been waited this a long time. Another is bake option in Cycles. Then I got everything that I need :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath for baking in Cycles. The current devs aren’t interested in adding it.

this isn’t confirmed but I hear talk of a neural firewire direct link to Cycles 2.7. You’ll have to scoop out your eye with a spoon to jack in but so worth it.

Maybe this is a silly newbie request but … are any blender versions ever going to focus on a unified, good material library? For cycles at least? I mean included in the main build, not any of these ever incompatible add ons (although I admire the effort)?