Blender 2.71 Cycles camera tracked background not rendering, just black.

Hey all,

I’ve just done my first test scene for camera tracking with an animated 3d object. However I can’t render a still or a movie with all the ‘bits’ in it.

I get the 3D object (no textures as yet) but not the original footage. I set it as background in the Movie Clip Editor, but it’s not coming through. Either it’s transparent, or (after changing Render->Film->Transparent) just black. There is a light source so I have no idea what I’ve done. Here’s the still render and some of the options.

Tha,ks for help in advance



You have to composite the footage in.
Transparent only sets the background ‘transparent’ with alpha:0

Hi Theman,

Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Except it’s not letting me add nodes… I know, I’ve done something stupid, but what I cannot for the life of me figure out…