Blender 2.71+MH Character

Hello all,

I’m trying to do an simple game action using Blender 2.71, Makehuman character and the well known
“Blender Game Engine: Simple Character” tutorial.

I want when I`m pressing the uparrow key to do the animation. I’ve allready tried to see on other post how to make it work but without any luck. The character is doing nothing. I have removed the eyes because only the eyes were moving in the game mode. I have not removed the blend.

I would realy apreciate if I’ll find help on forum. I’ve attached the .blend, not working to attach it in the file upload manager.

Thank you.

Hey I think I got it! Your action actuator doesn’t appear to say the action name in it. I selected the action that was available, and it worked like a charm. Let me know if it works for you!

It worked. Thank you very much Optimus, I’m going to explore more and I’ll be back.

I have continued with the tutorial and now I have another problem.
I’ve created a static avtion with the specific acurator. In game mode the static action is runing but when I hit up arrow again nothing is hapening.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Same problem. You didn’t select the action. Also you want to set the start frame appropriately, I believe 80 in this case.

EDIT After looking at your animation it seems there isn’t anything past frame 63…

Thank you Optimus.

No problem :smiley: I hope I could help