Blender 2.71 texture issue

Move if need be

Is there a glitch with Blender 2.71?

In the shadowed area of my work the fireflies off of the table - which I colored green for reference - are incredible even with an untextured plain white object resting on top of the table.

And this is with clamp on like any of the earlier versions and render at 1,000.

It is VERY annoying.

Particularly when I have to add more light - making the scene more artificial - to remove these fireflies.

Sorry, but is this just a rant or do you expect help on this issue?
If it is the latter, there really is not very much for us to work with…

You seem to refer to an image that you forgot to attach - some table that you colored green? And the topic title speaks of a texture issue that is somehow not mentioned any more in your post?

I think I get from your text that the very same scene rendered fine on earlier versions of Blender: How far back were those versions? You do realize that the old clamping mechanism was split up into “clamp direct” and “clamp indirect” with Blender 2.70 and following? That might need some adjustment.

Other than that: Help us to help you and give us at least something to look at.

Rude much aren’t you, and funny seeing as you really don’t post stuff on the forums just run your mouth.
Obviously this isn’t a rant, it wouldn’t be titled the way it is.
And no, I didn’t forget to attach it. I did not get to save the image before a power out took the system down.

As for earlier versions, try 2.70. I have uploaded every blender version when it becomes available.

I didn’t have the issue with 2.70 but I have this outragious amount of fireflies on let’s say a box. The sun is facing the box from left side, almost 80% of the right side of the box is in shadow and fireflies. Even with clamp incresed and samples increased.

If you think that’s rude you must be a very sensitive person.

So here you go:

Most puisaant Lord Kuroookami-Mallenby:

If you would be so very kind as to do us the great favor of recreating the same problem in a new file and uploading it

seeing as how we mortals do not have the power of looking into your Blender environment from a distance

(not that we would do so if even we could, without your permission)

so we may humbly examine the problem (if you permit my using such a crude term for something you have made)

we would like the honor of responding with some suggestions that might ameliorate the situation,

with the full understanding that any such are only suggestions and certainly do not imply that you might have made a mistake

or not already tried and discarded such solutions as unsuitable for your august use.

We humbly request that you consider our post favorably and not punish our temerity for making such without authorization.

We also apologize for other posts in this forum not directly addressed to you that may nonetheless have offended you.

As for earlier versions, try 2.70. I have uploaded every blender version when it becomes available.

We thank you for the versions of Blender that we all use daily without once giving you proper credit for uploading them.

I actually can’t stop laughing.