Blender 2.72 Opening Images Excruciatlingly Slow

Has anyone else noticed that opening images in Blender 2.72 is a lot slower than it used to be? I even get “Not Responding” most of the time like Blender is frozen, but it always ends up completing the task. I never had any problems before 2.72a & 2.72b, but I have also installed other software around the same time so I am not sure if it is a Blender bug or something else.

I would be grateful to know if anyone else has noticed something similar. I am trying to decide if I should report it.


It’s happened to me tooo, started from 2.71 for me though. I don’t get the “not responding” thing though, just takes a few seconds, used to be instantaneous.

Might be the addons you have installed loading into memory - if there are any that are no longer supported, possibly these could hang up the load time. Hod goe sit if you start up with all addons disabled, with default start scene?