Blender 2.72: Texture isn't showing up in object mode.

So I get a rough shape on my model and I start having a hard time picturing exactly what I want without any color.

So I get the idea in my head to add some basic and very rough coloring so I can tell what should end up being what. (This should be glass, this should be a door, that should be a wall, etc.)

I open the UV/Image editor to the side and hit new image at the bottom and auto unwrap my UV so I can use texture paint mode.

I do a little painting and then switch to object mode, but colors that I had just painted aren’t showing up no matter what view mode I pick.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

Edit: Idk if it matters, but I’m going to be exporting to FBX for use in UE4.

After poking at it some more, I think what I need is some kind of full-bright mode, but all I can find are options to disable shading.

Is there a plugin that enables a full-bright option? (IE: Evenly light everything up without having to add a light object.)

try a shadeless material:

That half works, but the textured view mode is still black.

I found the other place to enable that under the N panel.
Oddly enough, textured view starts working when I set the shading from multitexture to GLSL.

When I go to export to FBX (for UE4), would it matter if I left the Shadeless option checked?

Will GLSL break if I use more than one texture? Are there any plugins that add other methods of shading?