Blender 2.73 Crashes at Startup

Hi ,

As the Title suggest. Blender 2.73 just crashes, as soon as it comes to SPLASH screen (i can only see the glimpse of it).

Previously, i was using 2.72 , which was working fine, but suddenly started to crash , after which i uninstalled it. removed old files (From users/program files etc). then reinstalled 2.73.

VC runtimes are all updated.

I am using WIndows 7 x 64 (no Gpu)

Here is what blender.crash says:

Blender 2.73 (sub 0), Commit date: 2015-01-07 13:17, Hash b4d8fb5


Have you tried the zip version? You know, just download the zip and run it instead of installing. I don’t know if it’ll shed any light on what’s going on, but it might get you up and running, at least.

Also, try:

  • uninstall again,
  • go to C:\Program Files\ and delete the “Blender Foundation” folder,
  • go to C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\ and rename the “Blender Foundation” folder there to “Blender Foundation - old” or something similar, and
  • reinstall again.

It’ll take you back to a 100% clean installation.

@rontarrant i’ll try zipped version. rest i already did.

EDIT: nope, i tried zipped version too. it isn’t working.

Sorry to hear that.

Without knowing the state of your machine (ie. installed software, hardware, other software that’s been problematic) there isn’t much more I can suggest except doing a radical reinstall, that is: wiping your hard drive clean and reinstalling your OS, etc. which you likely don’t want to do. And I wouldn’t go there yet.

Hopefully, something will come to light over the next week as more and more people climb aboard the 2.73 train. Or it’ll get solved in 2.73a, which shouldn’t be too far off.

If you can get 2.72b working again, I’d advice going that route for now. Not the news you wanted, I’m sure, but it’s all I’ve got.

Hey, I had the same problem as you on Windows 8 x 64. Once I applied all my Windows updates, it works as it should. So I would try checking for Windows updates and apply them.

Thanks i’ll try this option too.

Thanks. Update did the trick.