Blender 2.76 RC1 AnimAll add-on not working??

I am trying to make a Minecraft animation. This has been an ongoing project for quite some time, and since the beginning of the project I have been using Blender’s built-in (default disabled) addon AnimAll to animate the characters’ facial expressions/lip sync. However, after upgrading to 2.76 RC1, AnimAll suddenly does not work. I can activate it, and the dialogue for it is there, but adding keyframes does not work… Yes, I did select “Points” in the AnimAll dialogue, and when I add a keyframe it shows up on the timeline, but when I play it back, the facial expression does not change. Any suggestions? Does this just not work because this is essentially a preview build of 2.76, or is Blender Foundation cutting support for this feature? (I will be very upset if they do!)

Tried animating a simple curve with the AnimAll addon in blender 2.76 RC2 and the animation play back as expected.

Hmm… I just tried that exact same thing and it worked… but then I tried animating my character with 2.75, and it DIDN’T work… Could it be vertex groups and shape keys interfering with each other? I recently added shape keys to give me more precise control over eyebrows, eyelids, and eyes, but when I’m using AnimAll, I have the Basis shape key selected (so as not to accidentally attach a facial movement to a shape key) If so, is there a way to fix this?

UPDATE: I ran a test with the default cube and found that shape keys DO interfere with AnimAll’s abilities. So I have now updated the rig so that the eyebrows and eyes move using armatures instead of shape keys, and now AnimAll works again.

OMG! really helped! was about to give up with this add on until i removed shapekeys!