Blender 2.77 "EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION" on open, crash

I am trying to get the most recent version of Blender to run on my vista 64 computer and I get a crash on start up with “EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION”. My OS is up to date and I have the latest version of Python (3.51).

Things I have tried:

Uninstalling python and running blender without it. No change.

Using Python 3.5, and 3.43 (separately). Still does not open.

Replacing the Blender python folder with the python folder that you get when you install 3.51. This allows blender to open, however does not allow plugins to be selected that refer to “requests” module. Adding the “requests” module causes blender to immediately crash when a plugin referencing it is selected, with the error message: “EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION”. I really need a plugin to work too.

Using different versions of blender. 2.76 shares the above problems. 2.73 - 2.75 crash on start with the error in “MSVCR120.DLL”. Using version 2.72 will start and perform normally, however, will crash with the fault in “MSVCR120.DLL” when I select the plugin I really need to use.

--------Replacing MSVCR120.DLL, uninstalling/reinstalling/repairing MS VCR 2013 over and over again, etc. Does not fix above dll problem (but is not a problem in 2.77, which is the blender I preferably want to use)

I really need some suggestions on what I can do to get blender 2.77 to run on its own and play nice with Python. I do not know what else to do at this point except post for help.

Does anybody have any idea whats going on with this?