Blender 2.78 only using 1 of 8 processor cores in Ubuntu 16.04

Blender 2.78rc1 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Trying to manipulate large files in the viewport is being way more laggy than normal (normal = last year Blender 2.76 on Windows 8). We just discovered that one of the processers is maxing our at 100% and the others are not doing anything.

Any idea why this is happening or what setting we can change to fix it?


Its because a whole bunch of blender is actually singlethreaded, not multithreaded… they have been working on multithreading different parts over the past couple of years, but some code is inherently singlethreaded only.

there is no setting, the only options are either to wait or to help out coding with blender.

Is this only on Linux? Or maybe the max out CPU is a symptom of a different problem we are having…