Blender 2.78a

Finally started to learn new versions of blender, I was on 2.49b. It seems pretty much the same, hopefully I can be comfortable with it soon.


I don’t know what’s funnier - staying on 2.49b all these years, or starting a whole thread over switching to the newest version…

Claiming it’s pretty much the same. Definitely. :slight_smile:

Why did you stay with 2.49b for so long? The changes from 2.49b to 2.78a is absolutely massive – it’s virtually an entirely different program. The 3D cursor is probably the only thing that remains unchanged.

The hotkeys are still largely the same and the particle code hasn’t seen much outside of hair since 2.49, the same with the viewport (some additions, but the same weakpoints remain). BI is still its old self with the issues of some features not playing well with each other.

Some of those mostly unchanged aspects are getting a total rework for 2.8 though.

I was going to write keymaps never improved but didn’t want to start a fight about it. I just meant that 2.49b is downright primitive compared to 2.78a. Off the top of my head:

  • UI
  • animato
  • bmesh
  • sculpt brushes/dyntopo/VBO performance
  • texture paint improved
  • Cycles
  • hair improved
  • dynamic paint
  • smoke/volumetrics
  • ocean sim (plus lots of other modifiers)
  • Python API/add-ons
  • grease pencil animation
  • motion tracking

There is hundreds, if not thousands, of things I’m missing. I’m curious why someone would stick to such an old version for so long is all.

I had a project that I had been working on in the BGE. After 2.49 they re-designed the interface, I did not want to start over until I finished my project. When I finished I figured the best way to learn the new Blender is to have a project in BGE that I can work on. Now I do. BTW I did not start a thread on learning Blender 2.78, it was about something different but I did not know how to delete thread so I changed it to what you read.