Blender 2.78b does not remember maximized window state on startup

Every time I open Blender 2.78b x64 on my Windows 10 x64 laptop, I have to maximize the window because Blender apparently does not remember the window state of the last time it was executed.

I tried saving the user preferences, to no avail.

I know I can save the Startup File and get a maximized window (among other settings that I prefer) when I reopen Blender, but was wondering whether the window state may be saved independently of any startup information.

This is my first post in this wonderful site. I researched the Internet and similar posts in this site before posting. Some older posts mention that this was a bug that was solved in 2012 – not so in my case.

Friendly regards from the University of Piraeus in Greece!

Same in Linux Mint as far as I can tell. Nothing major, but it’s a minor annoyance having to click maximize every single time.