Blender 2.79 compatible with Apple kordless mouse ?

Hello. Next week I buy me one brand new iMac 21,5 i7 Retina 16 GB memory and 256 GB SSD Flash HD with cordless mouse and keyboard. Vill cordeless Apple mouse work fine on Blender 2.79 without any problem.


Don’t know. Looks like it’s a mouse with a trackpad and no visible buttons. Would expect left/right click and scrolling to work, but middle mouse button is a question. My advice with all peripherals is to find a way to try them first.

I wouldn’t buy one, not just because it’s an apple product, but because lack of ergonomic design and the assumed lack of haptic feedback when using it. Wouldn’t pay premium for a mouse and then spend time caressing it just right when there are many thousands of clicks to be made while using Blender.

Then there’s the keyboard. The basic model is shite. Blender makes use of full size keyboard and this is lacking the keypad and few other buttons. Plus the fn is in the corner which is not a good location for it. That’s a 119€ keyboard in apple store.

They also offer full size one which seems right, except for the price which is 149€ in apple store.

For using a 2 button mouse just enable the ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ option in user preferences so Alt+LMB is the equivalent of MMB. I do this even for a 3 button mouse

When I’ve previously used a magic mouse there were applications to frig a MMB. After using numerous types of apple mice in the past I’ve generally found them to be universally expensive garbage. There are a multitude of wireless mice that work perfectly with a mac, just get one that if comfortable to hold (the magic mouse isn’t).

It will work just like any other two-button mouse.

Thanks guys. My iMac ar old so I need to buy a new one. The bad things with Apple, the stop produce keyboards and mice with cord.

Nobody forces you to use Apple’s devices - I’m using Microsoft mice and keyboards with my Macs all the time. That said, from what I hear, Apple’s current wireless keyboard will work as a wired keyboard when plugged in via the USB cable.

Thats right, but how can you plug in cable in to Apple cordless keyboard and mice, there is no sockets for that. Microsofts keyboards have not the same type of keys as Apples keyboard has. I have not working on Microsoft.

any bluetooth kb or mouse should do

Yes there are. Apple keyboards now charge via a lighting port.

Microsofts keyboards have not the same type of keys as Apples keyboard has. I have not working on Microsoft.

The keys are there, they just have different labels. And you can always remap them.

Any current bluetooth or USB keyboard and mouse will work with your iMac.

Thank you. I Think all new mice with cabel come with USB C plug
My new iMac have 3 USB C Graphic card ar SSD/Flash/Radeon Pro 560 4GB I hope Blender like that.