Blender 2.79 Radeon R9 270x


I’m looking everywhere but I can’t find the solution.
I’m using blender 2.79 and there is not support for AMD Radeon r9 270x.
The card wasn’t cheapest about two years ago and there is not a problem with games and I do not have any extra money to buy a new one.

Is there a problem with AMD drivers or not support from blender site any more?



If i am not mistaken 270 is a relabeled 7950 ( 280 == 7970 ).
Those are gcn 1 cards and not supported in cycles.
Afaik you could reenable while missing some features.


Thanks for your reaction Jens but I’m still confused.
Is there any way how to enable required features or do anything else?


Other way round:
Normally cycles uses features only available in the so called amd gcn 2.0 capabilities.
Thus a gcn 1.x gpu would not fullfill cycles requirements.
But if you dissable some features in kernel_types.h, gcn 1.x would work still.
TBH i dunno which those are and if its worh it.
Bliblubl or Brecht should know exactly.

If nothing gives you acceptable usage, you might consider using lux(core)render which still works
down to gcn 1.x ( 7950 and better ).

Sorry for not having better news for you.

Mister AMD would say: buy a new gpu :evilgrin:


Cycles doesn’t use things from gcn2. All the fault is in the OpenCL compiler - AMD uses the old compiler for gcn1, and looks like will never update it. Currently cycles requires OpenCL 1.2, but last time I checked only OpenCL 1.1 was needed.

That’s shame. The card was pretty expensive in that days.
What about eevee? Is there a chance to support such a card?

And I have a motherboard Gigabyte AX-370 Gaming 5 with integrated graphics card. Is there any way to use it in blender with an external card?