Blender 2.79 Scene Switching Error

Hello there. Just a heads up I only started using Blender 2.79 recently and have mostly been following YT tutorials on the subject.

In my main scene, “Level 1”, I have a cube object that serves as the player character. It is controlled by keyboard and mouse, and has a camera, spot light and empty Parented to it. The empty spawns a simple bullet object.

All works well, if I start in that scene, or another scene that has the Player object in it on Layer 1. However, when I tried to start the game from a password screen and then switch into “Level 1” via a Scene actuator set to Set Scene, the spot light breaks. It seemingly detaches from it’s Parent object and doesn’t move with the Player anymore.

As mentioned, if I start the game on a scene with the Player object in it and then switch scene with a Scene actuator, the player object works fine, the spot light stays parented. It only breaks when I start on a level without the Player Object and switch scene to it.

Any help will be appreciated. I can provide the blend files if needed, is there a preferred way to share files on this forum?

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile: