Blender 2.79 Sci-fi Abstract Animation Loop - Cycles

This is my second animation made by Cycles - Belnder 2.79! i use wireframe modifier for icospheres and JSplacement for floor texturing. so fun playing with keyframes rendered in 400 samples and 359 frames (30fps) final composition done in AfterEffects and photoshop. hope you like it! :slight_smile:
song used: Shambeyon Electronic (feat. Hudz) by Sharmoofers


What license is it under? Its cool and I’d like to put it in a vj set.

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hi there
thanks! you’r mean is about publishing? it is totally personal work, and i write everything about it, even the song that i used.

woah! this is incredibly impressive. i wish to render something similar like this, but my setup rn does not benefit me whatsoever. loving the texture of the floor too! fantastic job!

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i apperciate that!
i have your problem with rendering! a poor setup for rendering…
imagine for every frame i should wait 40minutes!
for this project i used renderfarm, and happy with result!
for floor texturing also used JSplacement with cool patterns! try it.

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ive now just recently looked into jsplacement and it seems to be really useful! renderfarms are also a good way to get a fast result, but i believe most of them require a fee. ill have to look further to find free renderfarms. thanks for the tips!

there is no free renderfarms but there are some of them with free coupon at signing up! also sheepit is another user based renderfarm that, for rendering your projects, you must render their projects back!

don’t mention it!

good luck;)

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