Blender 2.79 Tutorial - MantaFlow Liquids current status

Mantaflow is awesome!

In this video we do an overview about the current status of the Mantaflow fluids simulator current status, precisely about the liquids simulation system, pros and cons of it´s current status.

Hope you like it!

There’s no link, only image.

was also posted on Blender Nation

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@burnin thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey, I just downloaded mantaflow from the latest version and is doesn’t work, Nothing is getting calculated or baked… nothing on viewport also and baking also shows nothing… The cache is also set up correctly

I would need more details to help you, like how is your scene, what is the size of the different elements, what kind of simulation are you trying to achieve.

Regarding the cache fiolder, make sure you don´t use the relative folder path, but rather an absolute one.


Same thing happens to me on an even more recent build…

I’m not sure what i may eb doing wrong but it works sometimes and others it doesnt … :confused:

I initially tried it on a rather complicated mesh with lots of obstacle elements … so i thought the complexity was the problem … but then i tried on a barebones scene with only a doman and a plane for collision and a sphere as inflow … and it didnt work …