Blender 2.79 Viewport Performance


I’ve recently updated my Blender version from 2.78c to 2.79, and I’m happy with the new features (although switching from Andrew Price’s PBR shader to the Principled setup will be a bit of a chore), however I’ve been facing issues with Blender’s viewport.

It’s really slow! Files that played at around 25-30 fps have been drastically reduced to 20 and even 9-8. The amount of weight painting on characters seems to have a play in what’s going on. Is anyone else facing this issue, and is there a way to fix it? In the last version, it didn’t slow down as much. What’s going on??

whats your pc specs? cpu, gpu, ram

Sent a bug report in the tracker

I can’t believe I forgot those. :stuck_out_tongue:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
RAM: 64 GB

Anything else I might need to add?

Hi all.

I experience the same issue. Updated from 2.78c to 2.79 (copied the settings and startup file manually). I have a scene with 8.2 mio. vertices which I could zoom/rotate quite smoothly even on my very(!) old and low spec hardware (see below :o). Now, using the mouse wheel to zoom and to rotate the model is rather cumbersome. If I open the scene in 2.78c and then in 2.79 the difference is quite obvious.

@Leumeister: did you already open a bug report?

Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz; 6GB RAM; GeForce GTX 460 (375.66); Ubuntu 14.04

2.79 12 Sept version. Brand new branded laptop i7-7820, 32G ram, GTX 1080. Cuda and GPU settings on.

I experience atypical fan trottle yesterday, when learning to rig bendy bones. The scene object, a head mesh is only 5K verts.

Solid display, matcap, no HDRI no dynamic sky. All net browsers and usual resource hungry culprits closed. Temp monitor report, CPU/GPU below 60 degree. Viewport remains responsive enough, but fan kicks in as soon as I enter Edit mode and start adding bones.

The only thing different from my other rigging tests on this 2.79 version, is this 5K head mesh is diligently vertex groups named right after GoB from ZBrush. It has 2 dozen-ish vertex groups prior to skinning. In 2.79 earlier version, I can have multiple constraints on a body rig with no fan/CPU issue, bendy or not (though that mesh involved was a mere 1K vert cartoon proxy type body)

I haven’t heard my fan working so hard, except when installing new BIOs. My fan stays quiet in Daz Studio even with multiple 20K vert multi 4K tex maps heavy-weight mapped characters with multi subD on top!

When I enter Pose mode and start posing, the fan went nuts. Blender viewport can’t deal with 38 bones/ weight maps on a single 5K mesh?

I hesitate to make bug report… since I’m still a Blender noob, barely one month old… I suspect it’s weight maps. But what exactly? Still confuse, is Blender using GPU or CPU for viewport render?

I am new and have no experience with 2.78. Blender works fine with my Wacom Intuos and Logtech G900. But as soon as I use (latest driver) 3D mouse, even on a super light scene with primitives, Blender causes fan noise. I realize Blender ignores 3Dconnexion standard driver but still, mere touching of any interactive device to navigate lead to instant system lag/ fan trottle, shouldn’t be normal?

No, I didn’t open a bug report. I probably should have… :stuck_out_tongue: