Blender 2.79 viewports won't open

hi everyone,
I am not used to using blender 2.79 and i dragged the upper area down to open properties menu
but whatever i press, context comes up and i don’t know the reason ?
What should i do, thank you

You can just slide it back. The window outputs the current commands as code. This is a feature not a bug. :wink:

thanks for replying but i don’t want to close it
i want to open properties menu, I was able to do so a couple hours ago but now when i click “properties menu” this text comes up and nothing opens

No this is the info window above it is the property window.
In the normal layout, this is the top window so that it is not noticeable.

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oooh i get it now, i automatically assumed the upper icon is representing the upper tab
Thanks a lot have a great day!

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Have you been using Blender 2.7 for a while now? Or have you just started?