Blender 2.79b question

Hi guys

Is there a way for example to create installed version of blender, based on portable official daily build ? Because these days i found that new daily version of 2.79b has all blending modes in VSE, so therefore i wish to make a installed version of blender for windows 10.

thanks in advance

You don’t need an installer. Just register it with Windows to be the main Blender app.

Command Line Arguments

Register blend-file extension, then exit (Windows only).

Silently register blend-file extension, then exit (Windows only).

Just a curious by-stander, but could you clarify, please? What is the exact command?

blender -R
blender -r

Is that what you meant? Do I need to do both, or just one?

Thanks for reply but i need it for Linux OS also, is there a way to do for Linux ?