[ blender 2.8 addon - free] Advanced Launcher v01

NOTICE currently support window operating system only

NOTICE currently support window operating system only

Advanced Launcher v01 - addon for blender 2.8
:point_right: handy for freelancer, artist working with client that require the final file is in 3d max, maya

what can it do ?
:point_right: export, launch targeted software then import 3d model from blender to it, all action in 1 button. now it’s currently support: maya, 3ds max, substance painter. Will support more 3d software and more useful function in the future.

:point_right: folder launcher: save (bookmark) your working directory in .blend file and quickly launch these folder in window explorer . it’s useful when you restart your computer or every time when you open up the project and need these folder to open up in window explorer to working with. and many more purpose

:point_right: bonus: you can also searching on google with it :smiling_imp:

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But it can only be exported but not imported?
If you can’t match the same coordinate and scale system, then I don’t think its effect is very significant.
In addition, I would like to know how it supports multi-UV.

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yup it’s match the world scale and the same coordinate
multi uv is store in .fbx file
yea now it’s just 1 way from blender to other software so that’s why i called it a launcher :joy:
also a free discount code here: nd9h_ga20_190805

Thank you for giving me a free code. I hope you can expand its function possible to make it more useful.

This kind of automation is still useful, it takes care of quite a bit of steps and packs into a single click.

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HI I got the impression that with this addon it is possible to export your blender models to 3D Max and Maya file formats without having those softwares, was I wrong?

I dont think so. Looks like it exports scene to FBX or OBJ and then opens it in Maya/Max