Blender 2.8 ALT M not working

Okay, great thank you … appreciate it…

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Resurrecting this: another issue is CTRL+J will not freekin’ work if your cursor is still inside the Outliner. (This blows.) So if you selected two objects inside the Outliner and then left your cursor there while you hit CTRL+J, nothing would happen.

Why they would implement this in this brain-dead way I don’t know: the Outliner prevents MANY hotkeys from working, it’s incredibly annoying and makes Blender really hard to learn.

The thing is Blender shortcut is editor-orientated, and outliner has just received an upgrade. May be you want to suggest your feature in the right-select page or in the devtalk where there is actually a thread about outliner.

I’m not sure what you mean here*: my frustration is rooted in the behaviour of Outliner in reference to hotkeys, in that, instead of passing them thru (but thru to where? In this case, the 3dView), it just ‘swallows’ them.

Since JOIN is an object related function, and the Outliner addresses objects, IMO it should respect the hotkey for JOIN. So far (and I admit, it’s early days for me) the Outliner seems full of misfeatures. EG, I’ve seen some discussions (on RCS and elsewhere) about the confusion that results from the overly subtle highlighting.

I don’t want to obsess too hard about things, since it’s all in constant flux, but a LOT of my personal noob confusion has been traced back to cursor-context sensitivity: YMMV, but it would seem natural to me that in a panel/editor where I can select objects that basic object operations would be enabled. I’d also expect that the rclick/context menu would include a large subset of the options as in the 3DView ‘Objects’ menu - JOIN is conspicuous by its absence. --I understand it’s difficult for devs to put themselves back into the noob-mindset, so this is just a datapoint for them.

The easy fix for this is to 1) add JOIN to the Outliner rclick menu, with 2) the standard hotkey enabled, which shouldn’t be a problem since CTRL+J doesn’t seem to do anything in Outliner.

Thanks for your suggestions about RCS and devtalk-- the latter is on, I assume.

*you mean ‘editor’ in the ‘panel’ sense here, correct? My first reading was editor as in ‘video editor’.

If you want the join hotkey in the outliner, simply add it:

Done! That was easy. Is there a reason NOT to add it???

I don’t know. Like I said before, we here of the support section aren’t the ones to address such questions to.


just press ‘M’ no need for Alt key