Blender 2.8 animation future ! will we reach it

am not sure if this is the right place for this thread or not,

so the last few days iv been watching, one of the greatest animated movies ever , ADAM made by the greatest studio , Oats
that i only heard about it in a few years

the project movie is almost known around the CG world by now, the most important thing is that it was Created entirely in real time using Unity,

and thy have this great behind the scenes doucmantation of how thy made this movie

and sens blender is now taking this direction of real time render, and with all the great results we sow out of EEVEE,s render power, it made me wounder, does blender suport this type of tec?
will we see it in the near future in blender ?
and can or canot blender 2.8 EEVEE reach this level of technology, in achiving something like this

i have so much high hops on EEVEE , and it would be really great if we can someday blender used to creat something as much great as this project .

Well, I think you can be certain that “Blender will go there, too.” Commercial products might lead the way in some new areas that – frankly – have a lot of development costs. But I’m sure that you will soon thereafter see Blender doing these things, and carving out new territory for everyone as it does so. This has happened before, and it will surely happen again.

Thanks to computer technology, and yes, open-source (cooperative) software development, we’re all “watching the future happen, right before our eyes,” and making that future.

ther is no Doubt that we are making the future, i just hope to see it sooner than later
like in about 2 or 3 years from now

but about now, that means thy only way to do something like this is the old traditional way,
"mouse animating " or switchi to another engine ?

so far iv seen some artist using eevee to creat an amazing shorts but i didnt see anyone using it in an animatied character, it might be becuae of the hard work of the traditional way

The technology they used here has more to do with the capture of the performances and the preparation of the assets. None of those things have anything to do with Blender limitations. Or any 3D app for that matter.

On the rendering side I think Eevee is already ahead of Unity, potentially. At least from what I can tell so far. But it is really not so much of the deal - though a lot of attention is placed on the fact this is Unity and it is real time. Its just that when you plug a project like this into that pipeline, people take notice. It looks fantastic and the performances are great. Not to mention the writing.

The key elements that make this work (in order of importance) are as follows:

1 A great story
2 Great artistry in design and preparation of the assets.
3 Professional actors to perform
4 An extremely costly motion capture system and studio
5 Care taken by great artists and technicians in Unity (or Unreal or Eevee) to make it look outstanding.

Blender and Eevee don’t really presently have any limitations that would make doing the same thing any less possible, considering most studios are using something like Zbrush and Mari or Substance Painter as a part of the pipeline. No one does all this in one 3D app.


taking what youv said about

is true ,and what i am aiming to discuss,is the step behind all of this,
after we collect all the materials gather all the resources,
is it possibole now or 3 years from now to see something like this with eevee ,
talking about the tec not the res

The tech is already here. Or will be fully as of 2.8. So you can lay that discussion to rest and get concentrating on discussions about how to make great art!

And then maybe the tech behind that. :smile:

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thats true of you to say

i think blender was used to make characters and clothes in this demo, don’t remember exactly but once blender site is up i’ll post the article i saw.

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oh is that so
i swo the docimantory but thy didnt talk about the tech thy were using att all
it was all about the workflow !!!

that’s because it’s not the studio who made the assets, it’s Goodbye Kansas.
check this out , blender in action :slight_smile:


oh this is really awesome !!!

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the site is back, here is the article if u wish to go through it, it has also other big projects.

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oh thanks for the link man !!!

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