Blender 2.8 Asset Library & Linking


Good night.
Using a Blend file as an asset library is clearly an advantage, but I have a little doubt. Do you know a way to save something to a blend file without opening it?
Like the inverse of “Append”, but "add that mesh, or collection or Particle system to the Blend file you use as the Asset library without opening it and import from the other file.
Thank you!

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I have not actually tried this, but I am sure the solution is: PYTHON.
Basiclly Python will open, import and save the new asset to the .blend linkfile. That’s the only thing I can think off. I hope this helped. I am not a python expert, otherwise i would’ve made you a script real quick.

Thank you Mouval!
That’s what I thought to, Python!
I see a lot of Asset managers, but none of them uses a Blend file to store the information.

Asset Wizard does it.

Storing it all in a .blend file is nice, but if your projects get bigger it might be nice to look at something else. Like a .xml format or alike to define certain things.

For large changes it might be better to change xml files and reload, then to go through the entire .blend file sets.
But I’m not sure if Blender is up to this, like Maya or Houdini can with two fingers up the nose so to speak… :wink:
It’s something I miss in Blender, like a intermediate format to do things.
Material setups or material group nodes, various settings etc.

So it’s good that Blender has a community. Here is for example what kind of…

Ah! Nice one :slight_smile:

Will have a look at that, but functionality like this should be part of Blender imho.
And I still have that feeling that a lot of things like these are not part of the blender workflow mindset.

But this is a great addon,


It’s part of Blender. It has evolved from the “Addon” community. If you use Blender without its addons, you have less than 10% of its power. And I’m sure the Blender Foundation always leaves enough room for the community addons. Only then could Blender become like that.

Thanks again!

My gripe with 3rd party plugins is that if at some point a developer stops, for whatever reason, you’re stuck with it. And it probably breaks on a new version of the application.
Like what happens a lot with Maya and 3dsmax.

That’s why I like to see as much basic functionality in the application itself. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s not so easy to understand. Blender is open source, therefore all addons are open source. Most of Blender used to be an addon which was adopted as standard by the Blender Foundation.

Thank you guys!
Very enlightened now!! :slight_smile:

RobWu, it’s not necessary that All of the things get stored in just one file, or just in Blend files, HDRi and EXR for sure that you do not want to!

Being able to store - everything - inside a scene file is just waiting for bad things to happen.
File size billowing massively, textures not properly updating, corrupt files…

You can doesn’t mean you should. I never said that in my replies. :wink:
Just set up a proper project folder, where all things have their own little ‘corner’.
Scenes, textures, HDRI’s, caches etc. It will make your life easier, as well as your possible co-workers on the job.

And in case you - need - to, you can always use Blender’s File tools to save all related files into the .blend file. e.g. for rendering on a external farm.


RobWu, exactly that!

Asset Wizard saves each object in its own optimized .blend file.