Blender 2.8 + Autohotkey, No mouse click

Hello everyone,
I’ve installed Blender 2.8 (wohoo) and tried to use some macros I have in Autohotkey from previous versions. I can’t get mouse click to work. Other keys work. I’ve tried diffreant commands (LButton, Click, LButton Down & Up) with no luck. Works if I test it in Paint.

Anyone knows why It doesn’t work or uses it without any problems?

Works fine for me.

#IfWinActive Blender ahk_class GHOST_WindowClass  
LWin:: Click

Thanks that works fine:
I’ve been trying this to make this work. I use F1-F3 to select mods (Object, Edit, Sculpt). It worked in the past. I added high sleep to test if that is the problem. Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Click to switch to object mode, click (select an object) and switch to sculpt mode.

;Sculpt reselect
send {F1}
sleep, 250
sleep, 250
send {F3}

Also Thump button to select all connected poly, which also worked. (Click -> Ctrl+L ). Again it doesn’t click.

;select connected
XButton2:: send {LButton}^l