Blender 2.8 - bake all dynamic on smoke and particles crash

I have a simple form (with 1mil poly and ocean displaced topology) with vertex groups (2) from which each has a particle emission which is used to generate smoke. I’ve got quite a powerful computer :

ge force 1080, 64 gb ram and ryzen threadripper 1950

however so far it crashes everytime i try to bake all dynamics at some point in the baking (which take some considerable time) I’ve tried 64, 128, 256 and 512 smoke resolution divisions. the 512 is too long so I gave up - the 256 is kindof a over night bake and the 128 is a 2 hour bake, the real problem is that it doesn’t complete (blender shuts off)

I’m trying to understand if It could be :

  • a system performance issue ?
  • a blender setup I could have done wrong ?
  • a blender 2.8 known (OR possible) issue ?

if anyone has experienced similar problem and solved it please hellp me !

thanks a lot !

On all computers I use the blender v2.8.74 because of the neat eevee features.

I have no solution but i wonder if this has something to do with it:

I have an animated mesh with about 800k vertices, a fluid paints on that mesh via dynamic paint. the painted areas emit smoke and after all that the mesh itself emits particles 1Mil. so far so good. (you see the similarities? XD )

the mesh has its size I cant reduce, but particles crash also with low emission, and smoke also crashes with low resolution.

baking flip-fluids is ok, but smoke crashes often, dynamic paint crashes often and the particles crash often. Also the renders crash often, so render animation is impossible.

My setup is a Ryzen 2700x with 32 GB RAM, and a GTX 1060 with 6GB

my opinion is my computer is good enough because when baking memory usage is about 4 GB.

but always crashing, sometimes after 6 frames, sometimes after 30 frames, once it baked 89% of 480 frames and crashed.

do you have a solution or a hint?


For smoke please download the 2.81 develpment branch from github. I had more stability better than 2.80, and smoke was Ok as well.

If possible use 2.79 for all the serious projects. cheers!