Blender 2.8 Beta and roadmap

There is a new article on that talks about the current state of blender 2.80, and the plan for the next versions and 2.8x series.

If we want Blender to make a big step forward I think the performance with big scenes and compatibility with other software are really important because I think it would benefit everyone, even if specific areas features would be great too.


Thx for sharing
Any news about uDim support on this release ?

Brecht answer in the comments section of the Blog:

“These would be in later versions after 2.80”

Personally i am waiting for Ton’s 2.8 status report, this way we’ll know what’s the real Plan ahead after 2.8 beta.

Lol it’s funny reading the comments in the and feature request,
It’s so many areas that blender it’s behind the competition
And then if you go in many YouTube comments you will see many people say blender is better :slight_smile:
Blender 2.8 it’s massive step forward but the problem with the blender is that it’s try to do everything but they didn’t have the development power to make advancement , so in my opinion they need to focus only in four things , modelling,animation,rendering and simulation and drop all of the other fields in the dust

i wouldn’t say drop them into dust but rather focus on gathering more fund which i think they are trying to do…this way development is tied to how much resources they have instead of trying to patch each hole…for example the BGE is gone which will be replaced by just a simple interactive mode leaving real game development for the Real Game Engines…this is a good step in my opinion and should be done to other areas unless there is Fund and enough developers willing to work and maintain it for the long run.

Any news about better FBX support (I/O) on this release ?

I don’t think FBX support is ever going to get any better. The problem is that the format is proprietary Autodesk code, and the license prohibits it from being shipped with open software.

Latest words from Ton. Happy holidays all.


Having the funding secured to keep the core team is a definite win for Blender. Any kind of project tends to benefit when you can keep the veteran developers who intimately know the code and the software design.

It’s good to see the development fund has gotten this far as a result, helping to stop the brain drain that is another major reason why FOSS lags behind the commercial solutions.


As someone who is new in earnest to Blender as of 2.80 and frequently seeking answers to “better snapping and precision modeling” throughout the community’s forums I have just subscribed to the development fund as a Silver member in hopes that my small contribution will aid in growing the fund beyond 30k sooner than later. Fingers crossed. Thank you developers for all the amazing work you have done thus far in making Blender 2.80 so appealing to users of other 3D modeling suites.


As an architect, I drool over the notion that blender may have better snapping tools.