Blender 2.8 beta : Easy camera setup tutorial

A quick tutorial showing you how to set up your camera, for easy navigation in blender

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Wow, that was even better than my idea - where the camera followed the camera focus.

Parent the camera with an empty is much better than follow something.

Cheers, in 3ds Max they have a camera target set up similar to the tutorial I uploaded, but with stronger flexibility, I might at some point play around with the settings to mimic it more accurately, or perhaps theirs someone on the forum with more knowledge of cameras and constraints who can do a better job… it would be nice if 2.8 beta rolled out a camera set up like the one implemented in 3ds Max, I think it would help new users. jump in a little quicker

I came from SoftImage, which is why I came up with the tracking constraint for the camera and a null, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Autodesk, like EA, kills everything it touches, but it does know what it’s doing when it comes to mechanics.

That was such an easy system to follow. I might make a hybrid - camera pointing at the empty, and both parented to the main null to move the camera anywhere you want.

If you make it give me a nudge so i can check it out.

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