Blender 2.8 Beta - Eevee Lip Sync test

Just started playing with 2.8 recently so I took a 2.79 model into 2.8 and rendered with Eevee after changing the materials. I quite like the cartoony look and it renders so quickly I’m astonished.
The 2.79 Cycles version of the model is available for download on Blendswap:


It’s looking nice, I like this animation.

Thank you for the feedback

This is looking pretty good. There seemed to be something missing with the eyes. The eyelids are generally good, being constrained to the top of the iris, but when they eyebrows go way up I think the top eyelids should lift a little.

I also think proper lighting will do wonders for the realism here. Dynamic shadows from the hair and other facial features would contribute a lot to the realism, as well as a little sub-surface scattering.

Keep it up!

Thanks very much for the feedback