Blender 2.8 Beta or Wait for Full Version

This may be an obvious question. Yet, after much searching, I have yet to find a discussion of this topic. So, this simple topic may be of great help to many others.

I am currently using version 2.78. I would like to go to 2.80. It has a lot of interesting new features, like filmic render But, it appears that it is still in beta. I am a hobbiest who goes for photorealism in still scenes. I have yet to mess with animation. I only upgrade every second or third version, as the small changes from version to version are often not worth the installation hassle.

From the discussions, one would get the impression that 2.80 has already been released in the full version. I was honestly surprised to read that it was still in beta. Not being a developer, is it worth it for me to try the 2.80 beta? Or, should I just wait for the release of the full version? It’s supposedly only a few months away. But, they have been saying that for a year now.

Personally, I have both. I’m a hobbyist and I find there’s so much good stuff in 2.80 I jump between the two. The only thing to be aware, whilst 2.80 will open 2.79 files, the reverse is not the case.

All the pieces needed for it to function are back in place, most scripts are updated to work with it, and it’s pretty stable for the most part. It’s definitely worth trying, and I’d say that unless you need 2.78 for something then there’s no harm in fully committing to 2.80.
I switched ages ago, and I’ve used it on paid projects without any major issues. It’s been used to create the background graphics for the Emmy and Academy Awards shows so it’s usable for high-profile projects.


Yes you can use it already it’s pretty stable
Iam using everyday

What I have decided to do is to preserve 2.7x for existing projects, then switch to 2.8 for new work (and in-progress work) because “I have a compelling need for Eevee.”

(However, I am still lobbying a pure-business case [for me …] for the re-inclusion of the Blender Internal render-engine in 2.8 or at least 2.81 … in which I might not prevail … and which in any case is the topic of an existing and un-related thread, please not to be taken-up here.)

I have not yet encountered anything in 2.8 that has impaired my work in any way, although – as a thoroughly-seasoned software developer myself – I fully understand and agree with the “beta” status of the current software. (This is [yet another …] m-a-s-s-i-v-e undertaking. "You guys-and-gals are awesome.")

Thanks everyone for your replies. They were quite informative. Of course, being just a casual user, the full version might be out before I finally get a moment to do a new install.

If all you want is Filmic, but you aren’t willing to use beta software, there is a release called 2.79 available also.

For me the only thing that forces me to use the obsolete 2.79 version from time to time is a lack of 3ds import in 2.8. For this purpose I just have a portable version of 2.79. In my regular work I use beta of 2.8 and – honestly – can’t even imagine myself returning to the old Blender. I’m not a professional 3D artist though.

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I’d say, if you’re a hobbyist, go for it. It’s already quite stable, and getting on the train now will let you really get used to all the new features and UX changes sooner. I’d also recommend downloading the daily build at least once every couple weeks because there are constant improvements being made.

Im using it in broadcast production, sometimes it closes, the outliner needs some work (its hard to see what is really selected), and I got some nasty fireflies in eevee, but I still prefer to use it for production over C4D for daily work.

In the area that I work most which is rigging-weight painting-animation blender 2.8 it’s super stable
But there is some mirror crashes on the hair edit particle system or in the outliner ,nothing that it’s gonna ruin your project but its exists

I am already using it for production (3 projects finished) although it is in beta.
No real problems so far…all my favorite Addons are already ported.

One minor bug with one addon…but i wrote the developer and it got fixed the next day.
From my point of view…go ahead and enjoy 2.8

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