Blender 2.8 bug or not?

(Geographic) #1

Not sure do more people have problems with UV editing, ea texturing an object.
2.8 seams to crashes when i select verticles, but maybe i do something wrong ?.
I go to the UV Editing tab, on the right i click the model part i want to texture.
Then i switch to edit mode.
Next i go the the left uveditor pane, as soon as i click on a vertex blender crashes.

To me this used to be the way to alter textures on a model… is this method depricated, how to get the UVeditor in edit mode without crashing blender.

(Bohdan Lvov) #2

It’s not supposed to crash in any circumstances. Does it behave that way in latest build?
Then report it on

(Geographic) #3

yesterdays build